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Vegan and Vegetarian Options Worth Travelling For

In the past few years, more and more people have been choosing to follow vegan and vegetarian diets. They do this for different reasons, such as wanting to be healthier, caring about animals, and being conscious of the environment. Because of this growing trend, there is now a greater demand for food options that are suitable for vegans and vegetarians all around the world. This has led to an exciting change in the culinary scene. Nowadays, people who don’t eat meat can find a wide variety of delicious dishes to enjoy, going beyond just salads. Whether it’s tasty street food or fancy gourmet meals, this article explores some of the most interesting vegan and vegetarian options from different parts of the world that are worth traveling to try.

  1. India

India, a country where most people are Hindu, is well-known for not consuming beef. However, it is also famous for its wide range of delicious and spicy vegetarian dishes that are enjoyed all across the nation. Indian cuisine offers a lot of variety, with each region having its own unique versions of vegetarian recipes. There are vegetarian curries, biryanis, dosas, and sambar, along with popular snacks like samosas, kati rolls, bhaji, vada, and pani puri that you can grab on the go. While the spiciness of the food may not suit everyone’s taste, the abundance of Indian vegan dishes ensures that there is something for everyone to enjoy, with many dishes being vegetarian if not completely vegan.

If you’re a vegan in India who wants to try new dishes, we suggest ordering a “thali.” A thali is a lunch set that includes various dishes served with rice and naan bread. Fancy restaurants often offer thalis with up to 20 different dishes, including lentils, at least one vegetable dish, pickles, yogurt (which can help with spiciness), and a dessert like sweet dough balls. Apart from thalis, India’s streets are filled with tempting options. In any busy city in India, you can find many affordable street foods. Taking part in a Vegan India walking tour, like the Delhi food walk in Old Delhi, allows you to taste vegan specialties like fried potatoes with chutney, potato-stuffed bread, and sugary sweet jalebis to finish your food adventure.

  1. Portland, Oregon, USA

When it comes to food from around the world, American culture has influenced some beloved dishes that are enjoyed globally, like French fries and California rolls. Instead of focusing on the mix of Creole and Mexican flavors, let’s shift our attention to Portland, Oregon. Portland is a city that represents modern American dining in a unique way. The people of Portland have been ahead of the curve when it comes to food trends, particularly the farm-to-table movement. They started prioritizing locally sourced ingredients long before other cities in America, and they have a strong commitment to natural and cruelty-free food. Because of this, vegans and vegetarians will have a great time in Portland, as there are many restaurants, food stores, and even a mini-mall dedicated solely to plant-based lifestyles.

You’ll find plenty of options for vegan food in Portland. Homegrown Smoker offers delicious vegan BBQ, Doe Donuts makes delightful vegan doughnuts, and Vtopia Cheese Shop & Deli has vegan artisan cheese. When it comes to meals, you can enjoy vegan versions of dishes from different cuisines like Israeli, Japanese, Thai, and Mexican. And if you’re looking for refreshing drinks, places like Happy Day Juice and Fermenter have a variety of smoothies and kombucha to quench your thirst. In Portland, the combination of innovative dining, a farm-to-table movement, and a thriving vegan and vegetarian scene make it an amazing place for food lovers who want a modern American experience.

  1. Berlin, Germany

Berlin, the capital of Germany, has a forward-thinking attitude and a community that cares about the environment. They have a lot of restaurants and menu options that focus on plant-based food. Many of the eateries in the city clearly indicate whether they offer vegan, vegetarian, or customizable dishes. To serve the large vegan population of over 80,000 people, Berlin has fifty restaurants that are exclusively vegan or vegetarian. Additionally, the city has stores like DearGoods and Loveco that sell vegan clothing, and there’s even a unique shop that sells vegan products related to intimacy. All of these businesses support local enterprises and advocate for animal welfare.

Located in East Berlin, the Essentis Hotel is a place that cares about the environment. They use solar panels to power the hotel and make sure they live in harmony with nature. Inside the hotel, the Amaranth Cafe & Restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner from Monday to Saturday. They use 100% organic ingredients that are locally sourced. If you’re looking for raw vegan options, you can try Rawtastic. They offer delicious dishes like Avocado unToast, raw vegan pizzas, kelp pasta, and delightful desserts. For a comforting and tasty meal, Chaostheorie serves Vegan Doner along with Berlin’s first vegan cocktail bar that offers signature cocktails, classic cocktails, milkshakes, and more. The good news for beer lovers, most German beers are naturally vegan. While exploring Berlin’s fascinating history is a great reason to visit, trying out the innovative dining experiences in this famous city might just be the highlight of your trip.

  1. Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv, Israel, is known as one of the best places for vegans. They have an impressive number of 400 vegan and vegetarian restaurants. It’s almost impossible to imagine visiting Tel Aviv without enjoying a fantastic meal without meat. Famous dishes like hummus and falafel are naturally vegan, and since 5% of the city’s population follows a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, you can find plant-based options almost everywhere you go.

The city takes pride in getting its food from nearby sources. Many ingredients come fresh from local suppliers, often bought at the famous Carmel Market. This focus on freshness means that many restaurants have menus that change with the seasons, using ingredients that are currently available instead of always using the same ones. In Tel Aviv, you can find plenty of American-style food like burgers and pizza. Even Domino’s offers vegan pizza to cater to the vegan community. Rainbow Burger and Goodness have a variety of tasty and creative burger options. Anastasia, a vegan shop and cafe, serves delicious breakfast items like corn omelets, soups, salads, desserts, and tempting beverages like their Hot Almond Milkshake with cocoa and banana. Meshak Barzilay is a vegan paradise that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner and is considered one of the best vegan places in Tel Aviv.

If you’re looking for Persian-inspired food, Zakaim is the place to go. They use local and organic ingredients to create delicious dishes. You can try their empanadas filled with a mix of chard, mushrooms, onions, and potato. They also have tasty grain-based dishes like risotto and couscous. Tel Aviv is an amazing city for those who want to enjoy outstanding vegan or vegetarian dining experiences.

  1. Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei, Taiwan, has a lot to offer, including beautiful hiking trails, stunning architecture, and breathtaking views. It is famous for being a “vegan paradise” with more than 220 restaurants that cater to vegans and vegetarians. The city’s food culture is strongly influenced by Buddhism, as the locals believe in the positive effects of a plant-based diet on karma. Taipei is particularly known for its vegetarian buffets, which can often be found in small hidden streets, adding a sense of adventure to the dining experience. If you have a sweet tooth, you must visit Vegan Heaven, where you can find a variety of unique desserts like Salted Caramel Chocolate Tart and Radiant! Raspberry Mousse, as well as colorful macarons, pastries, and special drinks.

Vegan diners in Taipei care a lot about animal welfare, and About Animals, a cafe that serves soul food understands this. They not only offer vegan burgers and sandwiches but also use their platform to promote animal rights and environmental awareness. Minato is another popular vegan cafe in Taipei with Italian influences. They use locally sourced organic ingredients and serve dishes like Baked Lasagna, Build-your-own Pizza, and flavorful Original pasta. Taiwan has a lot of tasty vegan food options across the country, but Taipei is especially known for providing exceptional and memorable vegan dining experiences in Asia for those looking for something unique.

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