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5 Principles of Effective Communication

In modern times, the most successful people are those who understand the principles of effective communication. People make millions on social media and TV channels through their communication skills. The art of communication helps you thrive in personal and professional life.

Below are the 5 fundamental principles of effective communication:


Listening is an essential part of establishing effective communication. Without understanding the other person’s viewpoint, you cannot communicate convincingly. Many people think that they need to be highly articulate to convey their message. They don’t consider the listening part as important. It puts them at a disadvantage despite their excellent communication skills.

You need to listen actively to strike productive communication. Active listening means maintaining eye contact and responding appropriately. You also need to ask relevant questions. Try to understand the true feelings and emotions behind his words. 

Know thyself

If you want to communicate successfully, you need to have a deep understanding of yourself. You need to know what kind of person you are. Recognize your tendencies, and identify what you can tolerate and what is beyond your patience. Don’t try to disguise yourself. It makes you look dishonest.

Also, understand your values and goals. You should know what concessions you can afford. 

Understand your target audience

It is an essential principle of effective communication. Without having an understanding of your audience, your communication produces no results. You need to recognize their values, perceptions, interests, motivation, and goals. It helps you engage them better and get the desired response.

The age and education of your audience are crucial factors. The tone of your communication should match the level of your audience. Otherwise, you will fail to convey your message.

Be concise

Don’t drag your conversation. It won’t help your cause. In modern times, people have a short attention span. So, deliver your message in fewer words and simple language. Don’t use complex terminologies to impress your audience. Those days are behind us. 

You can also use graphics to make your message more engaging if possible.

Choose time wisely

If you are at the right place at the right time, your chances of success increase manifold. It is also true in terms of communication. If you choose the wrong time for it, you will not achieve your objective. You may do everything right yet not succeed. 

Its practical manifestation is how people try to find the perfect time during negotiations. They delay the communication process and then engage at the right time. It helps them strike the bargain at more favourable terms.


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5 Principles of Effective Communication

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