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10 Hygiene Habits You Should Follow Every Day

In the today’s hustle and bustle, many people have tossed personal hygiene into the back trunk without realizing its crucial priority in their lives. Imagine talking to your friends but realizing how they probably get a robust whiff of your odorous smell? So, good hygiene is a definitive hallmark of confidence and sound health!


10 hygiene habits that demand inclusion in our everyday lives!

10 hygiene habits that demand inclusion in our everyday lives!


Oral hygiene – lookout for those germs: Waking up with morning breath is natural, but when you permit those bacteria to linger long after you’ve woken up, then chances are, people wouldn’t want to have a face-to-face conversation. With you! So, make it mandatory to follow a proper oral hygiene routine.

Make sure to brush your teeth twice and after meals and include flossing between your teeth, tongue scraping the bacteria, mouth washing, traditional saltwater gargling, and weekly or monthly dental checkups for that pearly smile and a fresh breath!

Hand washing: Would you appreciate it if you ever contacted a person who poorly washes their hands after they have used the toilet? So, we must know when and how to wash hands properly! Besides basic washing, reach in between fingers with an astringent antibacterial soap.

Foot hygiene: On the other hand, good foot hygiene and scrubbing Good foot hygiene and scrubbing is just as crucial.

Bathing/showering: Washing your body almost every day is preferable for saying goodbye to bacterial gunk! Also, use deodorants afterward!

Face washing/skincare: Our skin needs washing every day! A gentle warm water rinse and mild face wash help.

Nail hygiene: We must cut those unnecessary long and unhygienic nails. We also end up nail-biting, which should be eliminated to prevent infections.

Armpit hygiene: Our armpits tend to sweat every day; washing them with an antibacterial soap is necessary.

Clean and comfortable clothes: Changing from sweaty and stinky clothes helps prevent bacteria growth and infections caused by sweat.

Hair hygiene: Washing your hair twice a week helps remove scalp buildup.

Ear hygiene:  Lastly, ear wax has a home in our ears, so using cotton buds/olive oil helps remove/soften ear wax and clean them.

In conclusion, since we are battling a pandemic, personal hygiene not only cleans you, it safeguards you and others against deadly diseases!

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10 hygiene habits that demand inclusion in our everyday lives!

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