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Top 3 Sushi Restaurants In Los Angeles

Sushi in LA – Sushi makes one of the best culinary experiences there is. Sushi restaurants in LA typically specialize in serving Sushi, a traditional Japanese dish made with vinegared rice and various toppings such as raw fish, vegetables, and eggs. In the United States, there are more than 23,000 Sushi businesses. Los Angeles is one of the cities that Sushi lovers get to take the experience to another level. The raw fish, sushi rice, and nori sheet are prepared and presented in various styles you can hardly resist. Whether a local or visiting Los Angeles, you must try these top three Sushi restaurants.



This is one of the best sushi in LA. Downtown Los Angeles is home to the renowned sushi restaurant Sushi Gen. The establishment has been in business for over 20 years and is famous for its authentic Japanese ambience and fresh, premium Sushi. The menu offers another classic Japanese fare, including tempura and udon noodles, along with a broad selection of Sushi, sashimi, and rolls. The chefs have years of experience, and the fish is imported daily from Japan.

The sushi bar, where patrons can watch the chefs make their meals, is one of the restaurant’s distinctive features. The restaurant also serves a range of sake and Japanese beers to go with the food.

Sushi Gen is regarded as one of Los Angeles’s best sushi establishments and has received high praise.

Cost and Quality

Sushi Gen isn’t necessarily cheap, but it’s evident that the money goes into the fish’s quality and the chefs’ skill. As you spend around $45 for a complete meal with a tip, a beer, and parking, you get an impeccable quality of service.

Hours and service options

Sushi Gen is closed on Mondays and Sundays but open the rest of the days, except on Saturdays when they serve dinner only from 4 pm to 8.30 pm. They have dine-in and takeaway options for service. No deliveries.

400 E 2nd St, Los Angeles, CA 90012, United States



Another amazing sushi in LA for sushi lovers. There are 11 locations where Sugarfish may be found in Los Angeles; Brentwood is one of the most popular. The Sushi at SUGARFISH is of the highest caliber, and the restaurant offers a comprehensive range of services. For the daring sushi lover, Nozawa Bar provides gourmet dining and exclusively omakase Sushi in a relaxed dining establishment called KazuNori: The Original Hand Roll Bar specializes in delivering only the finest, freshest hand rolls. The menus, which the renowned Chef Nozawa runs, mainly rely on his three omakase choices.

Cost and Quality

For as low as $22, you can enjoy a lunch menu dubbed “TRUST ME, LITE”. However, you might prefer the scale-up of “DON’T THINK. JUST EAT. TRUST ME” for $59 and have a thrilling dinner. There are various options, from a toro hand and yellowtail hand roll to salmon, yellowtail, and halibut sushi, all delicious examples of Sushi. It’s refreshing to be served what matters: excellent fish from an exquisite establishment. Sugarfish also offers a traditional Japanese tea ceremony service.

Hours and Service options

SUGARFISH in Los Angeles is open daily except on special days like holidays. Their service options include dine-in, takeaway as well as delivery.

It should be mentioned that the sushi rice at Sugarfish is among the best, and the ginger is the freshest, juiciest available. The eatery is bustling with activity from customers marking significant occasions.

11640 W. San Vicente Blvd, Los Angeles 90049



For many Los Angeles residents, the go-to sushi chain is Katsu-ya. The cuisine is fusion-style and a mix of various Japanese sweets. In other words, there is much more available than just Sushi, and it’s all incredibly creative. It is fantastic when it succeeds (a roll with spicy tuna and popcorn shrimp). When it fails, it is not entirely unpleasant (yellow beets, tuna sashimi, arugula, and some creamy dressing). The Sushi chefs, famously known as Itamae of Izaka-ya, are highly trained professionals who have honed their skills over many years of apprenticeship. Apart from the distinct range of preparation and presentation styles, little Izaka-ya prides itself on a traditional Japanese tea ceremony that you might find astonishing.

Cost and Quality

For around $7, you can have some pretty good Japanese ceviche, a draft Kirin, and edamame. This is true even outside of happy hour. Both the yellowtail and tuna sushi come highly recommended. Additionally, Katsu-ya offers a variety of vegetarian alternatives, including an exceptional garlic pumpkin.

Hours and Service options

The Los Angeles Izaka-ya den is open daily from 5.00 pm to 11.30 pm. They are closed on special holidays. Their service options include dine-in, takeaway as well as delivery.

Everybody enjoys this site genuinely.

4517 Sepulveda Boulevard, Sherman Oaks 91403

Best Fast Food Los Angeles, CA – Last Updated February 2023 – Yelp


It can be said that Los Angeles has a diverse range of sushi restaurants, each with a distinctive ambience and menu. Particularly the Izakaya, Sugarfish, and Sushi Gen sushi restaurants feature a relaxed and lively atmosphere, emphasizing group meals and socializing.

In addition to a wide selection of Sushi and small plates, they may also provide another traditional Japanese fare, such as grilled meat, seafood, and vegetable dishes. Additionally, they could offer services like a selection of sake to go with the food. It’s important to remember that each restaurant may provide a different piece of Sushi and a distinct setting and level of service, so it’s better to do some research or pay a visit to find out for sure. What cannot be ignored in exploring Sushi is that most people have tried it and keep coming back for more, tourists and locals alike.

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Top 3 Sushi Restaurants In Los Angeles

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