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5 Most Popular Foods in Lahore, Pakistan

Lahore is known for its delectable cuisine, and there are few dishes that should not be missed at all costs when visiting Lahore. People in Lahore are foodies; therefore, you’ll commonly see them queuing up at kiosks and restaurants to order something fiery to eat.

If you’re visiting Lahore, here are the top 5 foods you should taste.


1.      Halwa Poori

If you ask a Lahori what to eat for breakfast, he or she will most likely respond with Halwa Poori.

Halwa Poori is one of the most popular options among Lahoris. It is a traditional cuisine that combines the flavors of Halwa and Poori and was popular in ancient Lahore.

There are countless restaurants and kiosks that sell Halwa Poori, but Zafar’s Halwa Poori is the greatest. The pleasure of eating breakfast in the brilliant light and fresh air is unique to Zafar. Also, why were you in Lahore if you have never tried the outside dining experience?


2.      Paya

The Paya is another well-known dish that symbolizes Lahore’s individuality and culinary flavor.

Paya is one of the traditional delicacies found on nearly every second or third alley in Lahore. This dish consists of goat and sheep hooves served with a sauce, albeit they are spicy, and the hooves are what they are well known for. This meal is served with naan to enhance the flavor and beauty of the combo.


3.      Nihari

You’re in Lahore; therefore, I’m guessing you must have eaten Nihari already. If not, you’re losing out on something incredibly delectable, spicy, and delightful.

Nihari is another traditional dish introduced by the Mughals. This was a Mughal dish offered to the rulers of the time and was a well-known dish to be served at the dinner table.

Nihari is commonly consumed during breakfast, lunch, and dinner in Lahore. Due to its soft meat and spicy flavor, this dish is highly popular in Lahore and is one of its most well-known meals.


4.      Murgh Chana

Murgh chana is one of the cities of Lahore’s most popular meals. This recipe combines chicken, naan, and a spicy sauce that works nicely together. This meal is very well-known due to the spices used. Murgh chana is widely available due to its popularity and demand among the general public.


5.      Daal Chawal

Everyone in Lahore loves meat and chicken, and why not? The city’s residents are foodies, so you’ll always find a crowd at every restaurant on any given day of the week, especially on Saturdays and Sundays.

Apart from pork and chicken, the daal chawal is a popular and much-desired dish among the locals.

Daal chawal is a gravy-based dish that is served with naan and rice. The addition of achaar and lassi enhances the dish’s popularity, although the daal itself is rich in flavor and species. People in this region like spicy food, which is why spicy daal is commonly available at restaurants.

Furthermore, having mutton daal for lunch or breakfast is a plus because nothing compares to the gravy dipped with soft meat, chawal, and onion on the side. This makes the dish ideal for eating in Lahore.

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People in Lahore are foodies; therefore, you'll commonly see them queuing up at kiosks and restaurants to order something fiery to eat.

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