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How to Develop a Book Reading Habit?

Developing book reading habits is part of the new year resolution of many people. But only a tiny minority able to achieve this goal. Others let go of this aspiration due to their procrastination. People also fail to develop this habit because of their indecisiveness. They are not sure about how to get started.

Book reading has many benefits. It polishes your memory, improves your vocabulary, and makes you a better person. 

Below are the tips that can help you cultivate this habit: 

Always Carry a book

Keeping a book with yourself can help you develop a book reading habit. If you have some reading material, either in physical form or as an eBook, it will push you into reading in your spare time. This way, you can avoid wasting time on social media platforms and do something truly productive.

Active book reading 

If you don’t read a book with all your attention, it will do you no good. Active Reading helps you get the most out of the book. Active reading involves taking notes and highlighting the most noteworthy paragraphs or lines. If you are reading an eBook, use the highlighting features of your smartphone.

Schedule book reading time

Some people prefer to read during their commute. You can make it the first thing in the morning or the last thing before bed.

Allocating a specific hour for reading can help you with consistency. Mark the most relaxed hour of your day and devote that to reading books.

Reading interesting stuff

One of the best ways to develop a book reading habit is to start with a genre that can captivate you. Don’t force yourself into reading masterpieces. Once you are really into book reading, you may go for the more complicated stuff. Start with fun and gripping stuff written by Stephen King or Robert Ludlum.

In the beginning, read those writers who have an excellent storytelling style.

Make a list of books

Making a list of favorite books may help you develop a book reading habit. This list will remind you of your unfinished goals. You can keep this list in your journal or add it to your homepage. Whenever someone suggests you a good book, add that to your list.

Reading at least 20 pages a day

If you are a beginner, you can take a slow start. Someone who starts slowly may prove more consistent than someone who rushes things. Don’t aim to read 100 pages a day in the beginning. It will exhaust you. Don’t compromise your other goals for the sake of reading more. Read as much as you can easily incorporate into your routine. 


Books give you hope even in the most desperate times. They never let you feel alone. If you try to follow the above steps, you can make book reading a lifetime habit.

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How to Develop a Book Reading Habit?

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